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Frequently asked questions about non-invasive water tank cleaning services

For many of you out there non-invasive water tank cleaning technology is a new concept. Often we get questions like how it works, how much time it takes to clean and how is this technology better from other mechanised water tank cleaning in Delhi, gurugram, Noida & Delhi NCR.

Frequently Asked Questions

If You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers!

  What is the method of cleaning ?

We use high pressure specially designed suction machines that clean the tanks by just removing 25-30% water of the tanks capacity

  What is time taken for cleaning ?

A 1000 litre tank gets cleaned in 30 minutes. A 5000 litre tank takes an Hour approx. The time taken is dependent on the state of the tank being cleaned. In case the tank is very dirty and has not been cleaned for a very long time then the water wasted and the time taken could be more

  Does the tank get emptied ?

No. Only if it is too dirty or we find a dead bird or a lizard or earth worms or other slimy creatures do we empty your tanks

  Can I use the water left in the tank ?

Yes. There is nothing wrong with the water it is the same water which you used before the cleaning

  Why not just empty the tank ?

We believe in Conservation of Water. We do not empty the tank until it is extremely necessary or life threatening like finding a dead lizard / dead pigeon/ monkey drinking water or found dead in the tanks or in case the tanks are extremely dirty full of algae/ silt

  How are we getting so much mud/silt in our tanks ?

There could be the following scenarios for that

Case A: Worn out pipes. When water runs through the pipes it sucks in all the mud and silt around the pipe from where ever it is corroded or cracked. This settles in your tanks and forms the medium for fungus, bacteria,earth worms to grow

Case B: Boring / Underground water

Case C: Tank lids being blown off by storm/ monkeys /unruly neighbours

  Does this clean my water pipes too ?

This method is only applicable to cleaning water tanks and will not clean your water pipes on regular cleaning your water pipes wont get clogged any way

  Do you use chemicals for disinfection ?

Our research shows anything containing any chemical is harmful to some human or the other

  Will my tanks which are discoloured/stained come back to the original colour ?

Tanks like our Teeth get discoloured and stained because of not cleaning them regularly, one cleaning will not restore them. Regular cleaning of the tanks may get the stains to fade

  How often do I need to get my tanks cleaned ?

This depends on your hygiene levels. The tanks are the source of water into your house/home /office /factory. You brush/bathe/wash clothes/wash vegetables/ mop your house in tank water. These things would not be clean if water tanks are not clean. Some people are now getting their tanks cleaned as frequently as 15 days as they believe that since they have an option then why bathe/brush in dirty water. This is why we have special discounted prices for people who get regular tank cleanings in form of AMC’s

  Can I use the water from the tank for drinking after this process ?

No, we are not making your water potable , we are only cleaning your tank. Please boil it or use RO before drinking

  In case I find a foreign body like a lizard or a monkey in my tank will you do an emergency cleaning ?

In case of Lizards / rodents/ pigeons/ monkeys / sewage water entering your tank, we can get the tanks cleaned at the earliest but emergency cleaning charges are 50% extra than the regular charges. Not applicable to customers who are already AMC members or customers who at the time of emergency cleaning take a quarterly or higher AMC

  What are the charges ?

We charge Rs 900 for any tank upto a 1000 litres and 90 paise /per litre for any tank bigger than 1000 litres.

  Can I get a discount if I have more tanks ?

Number of tanks do not qualify for a discount. Discounts are only available on regular cleanings/ AMC’s. We have fixed rates depending on the capacity of the tanks

  How does an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) work ?

We have some very attractive AMC schemes which depend on the number of cleanings**.

1.   Every 15 Days ( 24 cleanings in a year) 40% off on annual charges
2.   Every month ( 12 cleanings in a year) 35% off on annual charges
3.   Every 2 months ( 6 cleanings in a year) 30% off on annual charges
4.   Every 3 months ( 4 cleanings in a year) 25% off on annual charges
5.   Every 4 months ( 3 cleanings in a year) 20% off on annual charges
6.   Every 6 months ( 2 cleanings in a year) 10% off on annual charges

All Govt. taxes as applicable

** Number of cleanings are dependent on, personal hygiene levels, skin sensitivity, infants/kids in the house or the amount of dirt and silt accumulating in the tanks

  What mode of payment is accepted ?

We accept UPI/ Net Banking/ Credit-Debit card/ Cheque payments.

  Do you have franchises ?

We have no franchises. We are the first and the only ones in India cleaning water tanks with this process

We provide non-invasive water tank cleaning services in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram & Delhi NCR